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If you're new to purchasing a puppy then you might be wondering, is it really worth the time to purchase a puppy from a breeder or is it just a money-spinner? There are good reasons for buying a pup from a reputable breeder, and there are certainly bad reasons. When looking to purchase a pup either from a local shelter or a private breeder, always do your homework by asking about the dam and sire (mother and father) history. If possible also check out their previous puppies to see how they've behaved and do make sure that they are a good match for your puppy. For the best puppy home check it out now.

When purchasing from a private breeder never ever underestimate the cost of health insurance for your puppies or siblings. Many local breeders will charge a large sum of money to insure each puppy and often times health insurance does not cover siblings. This can be very expensive and is never worth it. Also bear in mind that puppies do not share household duties, but they do have to be cleaned up after themselves.

Another way to insure that you will be saving money on health care premiums is by having two different types of dogs. Puppies should always be separated from siblings. While dogs do socialize to different siblings, when they are together, they become accustomed to each other and stop socializing with other dogs. However, this does not mean that siblings should never be in the same house. The best option would be for you to have two rooms in your home that you can designate as places where dogs can live. Visit this site and learn more about pup:  https://www.mynextpup.com.

Buy a puppy from an animal shelter instead of from puppy mills. Although the animals in these places are not sick or malnourished, they are in poor conditions. Puppies in such shelters are likely to be underweight and have serious illnesses like parasites and disease. Some unscrupulous breeders purposely buy sick puppies in bad conditions in order to sell them to pet shops.

Join a kennel club. A good kennel club will have rules and criteria to ensure that only registered dogs are allowed to join. If you can't find one near you, check the American Kennel Club website. There you can find information on which breeds are accepted and which aren't.
If you want to raise your new puppy indoors, you'll need to have some time for playtime. Most dogs are pretty independent at this point, but some pups are still shy or timid around new people. The best way to teach them is by being the pack leader. Always by your side and never in command of your dog, but being able to control him or her at all times is essential to puppy socialization.
Once your pups have reached six months of age you can begin introducing other dogs into your home. Puppies do not recognize nor will they be overly aggressive towards other dogs and siblings. One of the easiest places to introduce this idea is with your female friend. Male siblings may also cause problems, so it is important to introduce these early on in order to keep the male dog from feeling threatened or uncomfortable.
It should take from eight weeks to a year for your puppy to adapt to its new environment. Most breeders have experienced dogs and can guide you with any potential adjustments that may need to be made. Remember that the longer it has been in your home, the more familiar it will be with your routine. Your new puppy will need around four months to a year of daily interaction with you to become comfortable. Learn more about dog here: https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dog.

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